How they are made.

I collect empty bottles from friends at local restaurants and bars in the Lexington, SC area.  I have many dozens completed, with many times that amount to manufacture.  I make about 25 per week and have a large collection of various bottles.  Most wine bottles become night lights, while most whiskey bottles or unique soft drink bottles become lamps.

Here is a small fraction of the completed ones on a shelf waiting to be pack into carrying boxes so I can display them or deliver them.

Ready to go


These are waiting for my attention.  Also the lower pictures show some of my stock of parts that are waiting for installation.

waiting for wiring Waiting For Wiring 2 Waiting For Wiring 1 Waiting For Drilling 1 Waiting For Drilling 2 Waiting to Be Cleaned Waiting To Be Cleaned 2 Waiting to Be cleaned 1

Lamp Cords Lights Waiting For Bottles sockets



  I have several home made jigs to drill and assemble lamps and lights. This is my drill press and diamond hole saw ready to cut a hole in the next bottle. This process usually only takes about two or three minutes. I then cut a hole in the lid of the bottle to allow it to look like an original bottle. (That assumes I have the lid, some bartenders throw them away.)

Varous Bits, Diamond Saws and Jigs