Terms and Conditions

These are used bottles that I recycle.  I buy all of the components from outside sources that have no warranty.  Therefore there is no warranty on these lamps and night lights.  All of them are as-is, though I run each one of them at least 24 hours to make sure they are working correctly. 

However, if you have a problem in the first 30 days; just return it to me and I will repair it at no charge.    I work from word of mouth advertising only, so I strive to make a very good product.  After all, I want your repeat business, and the business of your family and friends.

If the lights sag in a lamp, simply turn it upside down and shake if a few times, or prop it upside down to allow the lights to go back toward the top.  In a night light, you can take something like a wooden dowel with a pin in the end to hook the lights and arrange them any way you want. 

Just remember to unplug the lamp or night light before you attempt to do anything inside the bottle.  I cannot be responsible if you damage the lights, the bottle, or yourself trying to modify something.