Owl Banks

Owl Banks

I make these by hand from recycled wood and use vinyl for the eyes.  I use plexiglass to make the see-through bank part.  The coin slot is hidden.  It is under the wing.  The coin return plug is between his feet.  I make each one unique and there are never two alike in the flock.

Baby Owl  $35.00

Baby Owl bank is slightly smaller than his parents.  He stands about 8″ tall and is 1 1/2″ thick.  His chest is plexiglass to allow you to see your money.  Wooden pegs give him a stately appearance.


Mama Owl  $35.00

She is a little larger than her baby and looks like a mother owl should.  She is about 1/2″ larger and has more pegs to hold her plexiglass stomach.  The pink and gray really stands out in the forest.

Daddy Owl  $50.00  

Daddy is the king of the forest.  He is 9″ tall and 3″ thick.  His see-through plexiglass is recessed into the wood to give him a true 3 dimensional look.  He has hearts (or anything you choose) on his breast plate.  Daddy Owl is sitting on a limb.