Kitty Chairs $75 each


I have several different colors of kitties.  I can make almost any color combination you might want.  Each is made from 3/4″ plywood and all parts are glued and screwed together to make them a lifetime investment.  They can be passed down for generations since none are exactly the same.  I hand paint the feet and faces on each one.


Our Kitty Molly went to pet Heaven a few months ago, so I made a tribute to him.


Pete went to pet Heaven also, so I made a little permanent Pete in his memory.


Alley Cat

Alley Cat has a knot on his head, his nose is slightly crooked and his whiskers are damaged from fighting other cats in the alley.  He is adorable. 

Sweetie Cat

She loves Alley Cat and they are often seen together, whenever he has the time to visit her.

Miss Priss

She is a prissy little thing with her pearl necklace and beautiful look.