Picture Rings

Unique 12 sided picture rings for you favorite photos.



I make these from old scraps of pine that I find or get from the scrap heaps around town.  Each one will hold a 4×6 picture. Some trimming may be needed since all pictures are not the same.  I also make one that is about one inch larger so you can cut down a larger photo to fit it.  The can be hung on the wall, or simply set on a shelf or table.  Each one has slots cut into it to hold the picture near the rear of the ring.  If you wish, you can put another picture back to back and simply turn the ring around from time to time.

If you want, I can make it thinner or thicker, or put the slots in the center of the ring.  These are totally customizable to your taste.  The color can be almost any you want. (I can’t match your wall, but can paint it a close color.)  Natural wood look is also available.