About the Night Lights

I can frost part of the bottle or the whole bottle.
I can frost part of the bottle or the whole bottle.


Night Lights have colored lights inside them to light up the room at night with a gentle glow.  I usually don’t put a lid on them because I want the heat to escape.  They are pretty warm after a while, but you can put your hand on them and not get burned.  If you want to put a lid or cork on them, they still don’t get very hot, only pretty warm.  I use a digital thermometer to check the temperature and it gets to about 125 to 130 degrees.  That’s about the temperature inside you car in the summer when you get in.  They normally have between 20 and 50 lights in them, depending on the size of the bottle.

All of them have a switch built into the cord, so you don’t have to unplug them to turn them off.  Wooden bases are available also for most bottles, if you want one installed.  The price for a base is in the prices section.

I have literally dozens of bottles with no labels, and many more with labels.  The bottles can be green, white, or any other color.  I can frost any of them if you wish.

Many of them have a choice for the color of the lights inside the bottle.