About the Lamps

Most lamps are shown in four different actions: full off, night light on only, lamp on only, and all lights on. 

Shades are shown on most bottles.  Some of the bottles have great lids and features so they are shown without shades.  Some shades clip on the bulb, some snap onto the socket, and some have a harp and finial.  We try to supply the one that looks best and fits the bottle the best.

All come with light bulbs installed and you have the option of owning it with a shade or without one.

Some lamps come with a base for support if they seem top heavy.  Bases can be added to most all of them for only $5.00 extra for a simple one or $15 for one with places to put shot glasses.  The link to add the base is in the pricing section.

I try to get the lids for the bottles if I can.  If I can get them, I put them on the bottle so the lamp looks almost like it was when bought full of product. Of course we soak and wash all residue and smells from the bottles before I cut the holes in them.  Then we wash them again, along with the lids that I have drilled, to make sure they are as clean as possible.

You may have a choice of light colors if I have them available, as well as a base and/or shade if you wish.