Sad Times

Like all families, mine has suffered some sad times when our loved ones have gone on ahead of us. Most of the times it seems way too soon. This page is to celebrate a few of those much loved family members.

The picture below is of our Mother Sarah Settle.  Susie and I are little kids in this picture, and she died very soon afterward.  She passed away on March 2, 1949 at the age of 29 from cervical cancer.

My Mother Sarah

The Reeds

Susie and I lost our real mother in 1950.  We were adopted by a loving couple, Gerald and Ethel Reed.  Gerald died in 1966, and Ethel in 1987.  Here is a picture of them.Daddy and Ethel

Rosie and Ethel cropped and zoomed

The picture above shows Rosalie Reed and Ethel Reed.  Roy was Rosalie’s youngest son.  He died at age 35.  The sisters married brothers, so Roy was our double first cousin.9

The picture below is of Roger Hanna.  He was my sister Susie’s middle son.  He died on Christmas day.  The one just below it is of him when he was just a child.



Little Roger

ugly James James Vignette


The last two pictures are Susie’s oldest son James Hanna. He died on Easter Sunday, 2014.